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A New Era in Targeted Anti-Viral Therapeutics                                         NanoViricides Recent Press Releases

Imagine coursing through the blood stream, chasing through the body, grabbing and destroying the offending virus particles. NanoViricides, Inc. is striving to bring this imagination to fruition. A nanoviricide®, as defined by the Company, is a nanomachine that is armed to destroy a particular kind of virus. Which virus? That information is programmed into the nanoviricide, akin to the postal address on an envelope.


Biomimetic Technology to "Fool" Viruses

A "nanoviricide" is an agent designed by the Company to fool a virus into attaching to this antiviral nanomachine, in the same way that the virus normally attaches to the receptors on a cell surface. Once attached, the flexible nanoviricide glob wraps around the virus and traps it. In the process, the virus also loses its coat proteins that it needs to bind to a cell. The virus is thus neutralized and effectively destroyed. A nanoviricide completes the task of dismantling the virus particle without immune system assistance. This is the putative or designed mechanism of action of a nanoviricide. Thus nanoviricides represent the next great advance in "Immunotherapeutics" (antibodies and vaccines), which are currently well established antiviral strategies.

A nanoviricide is large enough for a virus particle to latch onto it. Yet small enough to circulate readily in the body. Rather than the virus particle entering into a nanoviricide, a nanoviricide wraps around the virus particle and encapsulates it, by using the virus particle's very same ability to enter a cell.



NanoViricides In the News

04-15-2014 NanoViricides won the IAIR AWARD
NanoViricides won the IAIR AWARD as Best North American Company for Leadership in the Nanomedicine Sector.
02-20-2014Dr. Anil R. Diwan Recognized as "Researcher of the year".
NanoViricides, Inc. President Dr. Anil R. Diwan Recognized as "Researcher of the Year" by BusinessNewHaven, a Connecticut Area Business Journal.

Latest Interviews & Presentations

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Eugene Seymour Interview:

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Anil Diwan Presentation

Anil Diwan Presentation:

At OneMedPlace



Dr. Diwan invented novel polymeric micelle-based nanomedicine technologies


Anil R. Diwan

Chairman & President

Dr. Seymour became a consultant to the UN Global Program on AIDS


Eugene Seymour

Chief Executive Officer

Ms. Vyas was First Indian woman to be named CEO of a publicly listed US corporation


Meeta Vyas

Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Barton has over 25 years experience in drug discovery and development


Randall Barton

Chief Scientific Officer

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