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Ms. Meeta R. Vyas, MBA (Fin.), BS (Chem. Eng.)

interim Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Vyas is known as a strong leader with board level experience and successful achievements as a Senior Executive in a broad range of entities including publicly listed corporations, non-revenue generating entities, and medium to large size companies. Meeta has over twenty-five years of experience in performance and process improvement of both publicly listed companies and non-revenue producing entities, in areas ranging from Finance and Operations to Strategy and Management. Meeta holds the distinction of being the first Indian woman to be named CEO of a publicly listed US corporation, Signature Brands, Inc., best known for "Mr. Coffee" and "Health-O-Meter" brand products. As CEO, acting COO and Vice Chairman of the Board of Signature Brands, Inc., she was responsible for the development and implementation of a turnaround plan, resulting in a return to profitability and growth within a short period of time. Later, as the CEO of the World-Wide Fund for Nature - India (WWF-India) and then as a Vice President of the National Audubon Society (USA), both non-revenue generating entities, Meeta successfully raised unrestricted funding that significantly exceeded annual requirements and also instituted financial processes to measure a variety of performance metrics. Earlier in her career, she was responsible for designing the strategy and initiating the implementation plan for the highly successful information technology outsourcing program at General Electric (GE). Also at GE, Ms. Vyas ran GE Appliances' Range Products business unit having revenues exceeding $1 Billion where her team doubled operating income in less than two years. Prior to that, as a management consultant with McKinsey and Company, she served publicly listed companies in chemicals, industrial, and technology markets, primarily focusing on growth strategies, valuations, post-merger integrations, and logistics operations. Meeta is married to NanoViricides, Inc. President and Chairman Anil R. Diwan.

Ms. Vyas holds a MBA in Finance from Columbia University's Graduate School of Business, and a BS in Chemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

NanoViricides won the IAIR AWARD as Best North American Company for Leadership in the Nanomedicine Sector.
























Anil R. Diwan, PhD

Chairman & President

Dr. Diwan invented novel polymeric micelle-based nanomedicine technologies as early as 1991. Dr. Diwan is a prolific inventor and a serial entrepreneur. Prior to co-founding NanoViricides, Inc., he has founded TheraCour Pharma, Inc., a privately held company focused in nanomedicines and cell-targeted drug delivery, and AllExcel, Inc., a company with diverse portfolios including nanomedicines, small chemicals, device technologies, as well as informatics. He has won several NIH SBIR (small business innovation research) grant awards. Anil holds a Ph.D. from Rice University, TX, a B.Tech. from Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai (IIT-B), India, and has consistently held high scholastic ranks and honors. Dr. Diwan has over 25 years of Bio-Pharmaceutical R&D experience with over 20 years as an entrepreneur.

He has one issued patent, three filed international patent applications (resulting in several national level patents), and several anticipated patent applications in various stages.

Under Dr. Diwan's leadership, NanoViricides, Inc. has been able to keep both administrative and R&D costs at extremely low levels while robustly expanding the drug pipeline every year. Dr. Anil R. Diwan Recognized as "Researcher of the Year" by BusinessNewHaven, a Connecticut Area Business Journal.

NanoViricides won the IAIR AWARD as Best North American Company for Leadership in the Nanomedicine Sector.























Eugene Seymour MD, MPH

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Seymour began practicing medicine in Los Angeles/ Beverly Hills in the late 1960's. In late 1981, he began treating patients with a strange new disease affecting primarily the gay population. In 1986, he was requested by the US government to establish a testing laboratory and run a large-scale surveillance program for HIV prevalence in the Hispanic population in Los Angeles. His laboratory ended up testing over 50,000 people. Because of his belief that prevention, in the absence of a cure, was critical to stem the rising tide of HIV infections, he founded a company, now called Stat-Sure, Inc, in 1989. He raised the capital and oversaw the development of a rapid HIV antibody blood test (Hema-Strip). In 1993, as Chief Executive Officer, he took the company public as a NASDAQ company. Under his direction, the company conducted research studies in Africa, Asia, South and North America. The Hema-Strip was approved in a number of countries including Canada, Great Britain and Vietnam. Dr. Seymour left the company in 1996 to run a non-profit foundation, which funded both testing and training programs for health workers in Asia and Africa. He became a consultant to the UN Global Program on AIDS and was sent to a number of different countries, (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Russia) to interact with local physicians and assist them in setting up testing programs. Two years later, he became Director of Strategic Alliances at a medical education startup called medschool.com that was later acquired by a group of investors.

Dr. Seymour is the holder of 8 issued patents. Originally trained as a chemist, he decided to attend medical school in preparation for a career as a clinical investigator. Following postgraduate medical training, he obtained a Master's degree in the Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases at UCLA. He began clinical practice in Internal Medicine and joined the UCLA Medical School faculty. He left UCLA after two years and joined USC faculty as Associate Professor. He served in the Medical Corps of US Army Reserve during the Vietnam era and attained the rank of Major.

NanoViricides won the IAIR AWARD as Best North American Company for Leadership in the Nanomedicine Sector.


























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